View Full Version : Re: MoodLogic couple of questions... (now using MusicMagic- not MoodLogic)

Dan Goodinson
2005-07-29, 07:03
Excellent - thanks for that.

It's currently analyzing my MP3s - with your confirmation, I'll not
worry about restoring anything from backup and will start playing with
it as soon as it's done. It all sounds pretty cool - can't wait to try
it out!

All I've got to do now is get slimserver to recognise it!! Although I
found a pretty useful "How-to" from Charles Stanton which looks like the
way forward.

Thanks all - much appreciated!

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I have been using MusicMagicMixer for some time and it has not altered
any of my tags. It does however give you the ability to manually edit
your tags from the MMM UI.