View Full Version : Remote control of Softsqueeze/integration with media centre

Simon Still
2005-07-29, 05:34
My slimserver runs on a WinXP machine in the kitchen which also has a
Nebula DigiTV card in it. At the moment this machine just runs
vanilla XP pro but i'm thinking of putting a media centre front end on
it and getting a remote control of some kind.

- does anyone else do this?
- how does softsqueeze/slimserver integrate with Windows Media Centre
(or any other front end)
- if i just stick to the OS i have now are there any remote controls
that people would recommend that can be used to control softsqueeze.
(iMon, ATI Remote Wonder etc)

2006-01-03, 17:23
Did you have any success with this? I've found the iMon inside, which looks potential?