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Bennett, Gavin (LDN Int)
2005-07-29, 02:43
On the train this morning I read this months T3 (UK gadget mag). There were
lots of MP3 gadgets but the only mention of Squeezebox was a "historic"
mention on a small article about the Sonos. They call it a Slimp3
(Squeezebox picture) and put it next to a picture of a JukeBox and Record

If your in the UK have a look at P60 of the September T3 issue.

SqueezeBox is better - why aren't magazines like this shouting it from the
roof tops?


2005-07-29, 09:11

If you're going to post using the mailing list, could you please eliminate the very very long signature?

Alternatively if you post using the forum... (http://forums.slimdevices.com/)


2005-07-29, 09:25
What is up with that disclaimer!? Is this an overcompenstation thing? :)

2005-07-29, 09:42
I edited out that sig.

2005-07-30, 04:00
From the tortoisesvn mailing list etiquette guide:

"If your company attaches a so called disclaimer to every mail, please contact your IT department and ask them to remove it. If you don't know how to convince them, just ask them to replace the disclaimer with this one:

We don't know how to use the security and encryption features of our e-mail server. We are so confused that we cannot even be certain that this e-mail was delivered to the proper person. So, if you received this e-mail because of our incompetence, please delete it and notify us as soon as possible. Notice that this is being written in the most scary legalistic way, so no one notices how incompetent we are."


Gavin does have a very valid point though, and one about which I'm sure slimdevices are only too painfully aware - you really don't see the SB2 in the media. A device this good really should be getting more presence in the reviews.