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Troy Anderson
2005-07-28, 14:19
I have been using the CLI on the 5.x versions for quite sometime. Today
I upgraded to the latest build on the website (not the nightly)
(SlimServer Version: 6.1.1 - 3774 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252) and I am
having new issues with the CLI. Basically, when I issue a query for
information about the player, I get a repsonse that is not expected.

Command: playlist index ?
Response: playlist index %3Fplaylist
Command: playlist shuffle ?
Response: playlist shuffle %3Fpower

Normally the position of the current song would be returned, but instead
I get this message. This type of message has also been returned for
"Power ?" "playlist repeat ?" and I think a few others. If I set
shuffle to "1" for example it will usually clear it up for a while, but
then will later re-appear again somewhere else. I know that the CLI has
gone through some updates with 6.x and have read through the new options
and syntax, but it doesn't appear that these commands have changed.

Any ideas on this issue or what I may need to do differently?

2005-08-18, 07:53
I have exactly the same problem. Slimserver 6.1.1, Squeezebox 1, Windows XP Pro. The CLI polling program that I have used for a year under 5.x breaks now because of random ? responses to valid queries.

The examples you cite:

Command: playlist index ?
Response: playlist index %3Fplaylist
Command: playlist shuffle ?
Response: playlist shuffle %3Fpower

... are the ones I experience too. This also happens with other commands to retrieve artist, titles, etc. information. I can't even isolate the condition where it happens, but I know it isn't the polling program because I can type a command in manually through a telnet window and get a "Response: playlist index %3Fplaylist" response some of the time, and a valid response other times.

Someone please help this is driving me crazy!

2005-08-20, 11:45

I need logs. Enable d_CLI and d_command, run your program, and send us the log. Better yet, create a bug in Bugzilla (bugs.slimdevices.com) and attach log to bug report.

Would you mind as well sharing the client code with me? That could help.

Some things have changed between 5.x and 6.x in the low level stuff. This was done to fix other bugs... but apparently it introduces new ones :-(

This seems Windows or client related, however. Can't replicate that on OS X or Unix.


2005-08-20, 12:34
Done - check bug #2001. I've never entered a bug report before so I don't know how good of a job I did ...

WRT client code, I'm happy to share with you. I'll email it directly. BTW, I don't think that this is Windows specific because I could recreate it on my Linux server as well.

2005-08-22, 07:31

Matt reports in bug #2001 that the latest nightly apparently fixes this problem. I will make sure the changes are in 6.2 as well.

Troy, if you can test and tell us if it also works for you...