View Full Version : 6.1.1 temporarily hanging, suse 9.1

2005-07-28, 01:42
Here's the scoop:
When I try to browse or search through my music or playlists, slimserver hangs for up to 2 minutes, causing my squeezeboxes to lose their connection to the server. Then they magically re-connect.

problem in detail:
system: pentium 3, 400 or so mhz. 192MB ram
running suse 9.1
slimserver 6.1.1
attached is my rc.d script, if that has any bearing.

I am happy to see the sql database in the new slimserver, it looks like it takes up a LOT less ram than previous versions of slimserver did. However, there seem to be some hefty delays in accessing the database.

my music library is extensive, I have it sitting on a 400GB raid holding the 60,600 songs. Scanning my library with 6.1.1 took between two hours and 10 hours (I went to bed after 2 hours and woke up 8 hours later when it was done.) Scanning with my previous slimserver version only took an hour or so.

When I browse playlists from the web interface or from one of my squeezeboxes, everything hangs, and my squeezeboxes lose their connection to the server. Watching the load and cpu usage on the linux box when this happens, slimserver is starts out at a nice 6% CPU/13% RAM. it holds at these settings for 10 seconds or so, then my squeezeboxes lose their connection. CPU usage then slowly climbs to about 25% over the next 30-90 seconds or so and then I see my browser window start to refresh, bringing the CPU to about 75% for a peak of a second or so just as the window refreshes. Then my squeezeboxes come back online. RAM usage never changes from its 13%

Anyone have any idea what is happening? With the older version of slimserver (5.4.0) I would only have these service interruptions when processing more than two searches at a time (i.e. using two or three machines to search my music at once, like when my roommate was searching music at home, and I was searching through it at the office.)

2005-08-04, 10:25
I am running on SuSE 9.1. But I have 2 GB of memory. I think you need more. It is probably swapping stuff when you see the delay. The only delay I see is about 3 seconds when I first access browse by artist.

I have a HUGE library with over 18000 tracks, and the 6.1 server works like a charm. I am very much pleased since my previous Netgear MP101 choked after about 15000 files.