View Full Version : Idiots guide to setting up AlienBBC (WinXP)???

2005-07-27, 15:59
Forgive my huge lack of knowledge conserning this plug in.

I've just installed SlimServer on one machine and SoftSqueeze on my media machine. All is working very well except I can't get my head around installing and setting up AlienBBC.

Is there such a thing as an idiots guide?

Also, what are its limitations, ie can I listen to Radio 1/2/3/4 etc...??

I'm going to buy a Squeezebox 2 before the week's out as I'm severely impressed by the power and flexibility of SlimServer....

Many thanks


2005-07-27, 16:09
Found these but it's too late to try them tonight;


Can anyone confitm this works??

Thanks again!


2005-07-28, 02:53
deksawyer, I followed this guide and it worked perfectly.

2005-07-28, 06:35

I'm pretty much back where I started after reinstalling slimserver and starting from scratch.

I see AlienBBC in slimserver and it looks like the radio stations are playing, both in softsqueeze & slimserver, but I hear nothing.

Any ideas?


EDIT: Slight breakthrough - I cam play the WM stream mms://wmlivegeo.bbc.net.uk/wms/radio5/5Live s1 without problems after adding the url from the bbc site to a playlist. Still can't play the Real streams for the more popular stations though...........

Neil Sleightholm
2005-07-28, 13:42
Could I point you here: http://www.x2systems.com/alienbbc/installation.html#windows,
these instruction are close to the ones you tried before. If you still don't have any luck could you post the out that is displayed when you run:
"C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\slim.exe" --d_plugin --d_source --d_remotestream
and try to play a stream.


2005-08-01, 03:50
Finally figured it out............

I realised that I hadn't altered the following file;

'C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\slimserver-convert.conf'

tried it and it worked straight away! What a nonce!!

Thanks to everybody.


2005-08-08, 05:13
tried it and it worked straight away! What a nonce!!


Perhaps being a bit harsh on your self there :-)