View Full Version : Is there any software version that will actually work forme?

2005-07-27, 12:20
> I have a win XP PC, not the fastest at 1gig Anthlon, and 1gig
> RAM, but hey, it works perfectly with hardcore photo editing
> software and massive audio software, just not slimserver.

I have a faster Windows XP machine (1.5mghz P4, 1gb RAM) and still get very
frustrated by the same problems you have (I have almost 800 albums held in
flac format). For me the 6*** SlimServer version is even slower than the
5.4.1 version. Listing music is frustratingly slow (although, oddly,
sometimes it's not!) and using the remote has become virtually impossible
(takes ages to do anything and the music stops playing whilst it drags
itself to perform any commands).
I love my Squeezebox but I'm definitely not very in love with Slimserver. My
feeling is that it does not work very well on Windows, although other XP
users state that it works fine for them.... which leaves me quite stumped,
and still (after almost a year) unable to be satisfied by the performance of
my Squeezebox/Slimserver combination.

I've just ordered a 3.2mghz PC and am hoping this sorts out my problems and
that Slimserver, for the first time since I have been running it, works as I
expect it to.

Simon Turner
Barcombe UK