View Full Version : Connection problems with 6.1.1 (stable release) and Hawking HWR54G router

2005-07-26, 08:38

Just bought a new Hawking HWR54G wireless G router, and upgraded Slim Server to 6.1.1 (stable release). While my SB2 works in general, I am frequently getting connection problems to SlimServer (and on occasion to SqueezeNetwork also). I suspect I am seeing a combination of issues here.

On some occasions it appears that SlimServer itself is having problems. This is particularly true when it is doing a rescan of my music library, but also seems to be problematic at other times. The previous version of SlimServer I had installed (6.1b2 nightly) also had occasional connection problems, but not nearly as many as 6.1.1 seems to have. I believe the SlimServer is the cause because if I switch to SqueezeNetwork everything works fine.

On other occasions it seems that my Hawking router is causing problems, i.e. my PC (connected by ethernet cable) loses network connectivity at the same time as the SB2 locks up or loses connection to SlimServer/SqueezeNetwork. As this has only ever happened when my SB2 is running, it's possible that either the SB2 specifically, or just wireless traffic in general, is causing lockups on the router. In these instances I have to power cycle the router to get things working again.

I am running the latest firmware on the router (1.09). On the SlimServer side I am using Windows XP SP2 with all latest patches.

Does anyone know of any issues using Hawking HWR54G routers? It seems a couple of people on this forum are having 6.1.1 randomly freezing on them, but I can't say if I'm seeing the same issue or a different one.

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying the good weather (at least, it's a damn beautiful day here in Calgary).