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2005-07-26, 00:30
Big Ben just arrived last night. These photos were taken a few days ago.


SB2 as 'transport' is very impressive.

2005-07-26, 01:42
Nice pics!
Can you help me - what is the "PC looking box" and what are the smart drive units mounted above it?
Excuse my ignorance on this matter..!!

Any web links would be good.



EDIT: Sorry you can ignore the Smart Drive question - found them on the web myself. Lazy boy Nic.... :)
Though how did you mount them? They seem to be connected "together" and what isolation points do you have them on?


2005-07-26, 03:22
Hi Nic,
The 'PC' is a Hush Technologies E3. All heatpiped, fanless. www.hushtechnologies.net. If you buy from them, make sure you tell them I refer you! They are very helpful and friendly, based in Germany.
I only use the Hush as a Windows MCE machine for videos/TV/PVR. I much prefer the simpler UI of the SB2 for music. I dont want to turn on my plasma to choose music.
The SmartDrive2002... just something I have lying around from my previous attempts to build a silent PC (which failed, numerous times). I simply ran a SATA cable from the MB and hook up the HDD in the SmartDrive2002 (two of them). SATA is obviously a lot faster then USB2... it's just extra storage. What you see in the photo is 800GB worth. I have another 3TB (yap) in two NAS and misc hard drive. I shoot too many photos in RAW. =)

The Hush is also running the SlimServer now...

2005-07-26, 06:20
On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 00:30 -0700, WSLam wrote:
> Big Ben just arrived last night.

There is a big, and favorable review of Apogee's Big Ben
in the current Sound on Sound magazine


2005-07-26, 11:19
I got my Big Ben off someone on the TacT Yahoo User Group.
A lot of people there tried it and gave up on it, claiming it makes absolutely no audible difference, and in some cases, actually degrade the sound (collapsing soundatage etc).

I hear a difference, but I a not ready to make my judgement yet. It all boils down to 'personal preference'. But using the SB2 with the BB, the 'highs' are indeed a little more tame. Less 'Digititus'...