View Full Version : Need Some Bitrate Help

2005-07-25, 18:28
Well, I'm impressed by the promise of what SlimServer can do. However I'm finding it difficult to perform what I want to. I've installed the most recent version of SlimServer. I've installed LAME. at least I think I have, I play's WMA without a problem and it needs LAME to do that right? The part I'm stuck at is changing the output bitrate of the stream.

I'm playing an MP3 and I want to drop the bitrate to 64, I've tried changes to the convert.conf file but it seems nothing I do has any affect. Can someone please help me. A simple step by step would be appreciated. I've searched the posts and tryed to apply everything I've seen but nothing is working.


2005-07-25, 18:49
Player Settings->Audio. You have LAME settings and Bitrate Limiting.

2005-07-26, 02:51
How on earth did I miss that. Thanks!