View Full Version : cannot connect to server

2005-07-25, 09:02
I got my SB2 hooked up just fine and it works, but after a while it stops. When I go in to look at it it is NOT connected and I have to go through the whole thing of right arrowing and setting up. I've had an SB1 for a long time and it would sometimes happen, but not as much as my brand new SB2.

On a side note, I have a DLink 774 Router. Can I ask what routers most people here use with success? I would buy a new one if that would help, or I guess I'll have to drill holes and run a hard wire.

What is the most recommended wireless router for SB???

Thanks in advance.

2005-07-25, 09:43
I have a couple of the stock 802.11g Netgears (I forget the model number) and they work just fine.