View Full Version : Help with remote streaming

2005-07-25, 04:51
When I bought my new SB2 I gave my old SB1 to a friend who lives about 60 miles away. I set him up so that he could could access my music with it (I set up the original SB with my cable router address and forwarded ports 3483 and 9000 to my server). For a couple of months this worked fine but now his SB goes to a black screen after it finds a server and gets a DHCP address. When I look at my server I see that it recognizes the old SB (and finds it again even if I tell it to forget that player) but when I try to play something on his device it trys to start but then shows "STOP". All the time his screen is blank and using the arrow keys on his remote have no effect on his screen.

I am sure my router is set up properly because I can access my library remotely (using SoftSqueeze b8) from my laptop using the same IP address.

Does anyone have any ideas?