View Full Version : Slimserver not starting

2005-07-23, 19:14
Slimserver is not starting upon my underpowered Pentium Pro WinXP pro system. Could it be that i don;t have enough memory (only 96mb) although i have a large page file. when i try to start it it that it's starting up but never actually starts. How can i check to see what the problem is?

Thanks. James

2005-07-23, 21:01
Hmmm, Pentium Pro, w/XP and 96Meg?

I'd say... who cares! :-)

My slim.exe is using about 70Meg, peaked at about 81Meg. Since XP really wants at least 64meg to itself, you're in a world of hurt with that thing.

Time to chuck it, or relegate it to less demanding applications.