View Full Version : Alarm Sound "empty"...

2005-07-23, 15:48
I've been using the Alarm setting on the SqueezeNetwork happily for a few weeks.

I upgraded this evening to 6.1.2 and now the "Alarm Sound" setting shows as empty. Before I used to be able to select Natural Sounds or a Favourite (these are still present and I can still play them, just not select them as an alarm sound).

Not sure if this is connected to the upgrade (I've also put a lot of new music on as well as made up a whole load of playlists today).

Has anyone else noticed this problem or have any ideas ?

2005-07-23, 23:05
Fixed. We're still working on caused the problem. Thanks for the report.

2005-07-24, 05:44
Thanks likewise for the speedy response...