View Full Version : Problem with Song Titles

Barry McLarnon
2005-07-23, 13:36
I have a minor, but annoying, problem with the way the server is extracting
and displaying song titles. I'm currently using 6.1.1 (Linux platform),
but I believe the problem first appeared when I moved from 6.0.X to one of
the 6.1 betas. I have the title format ARTIST-TITLE selected in the
player settings, but I noticed that for about half of my mp3s, the SB2
display would show ARTIST-ARTIST-TITLE instead. Sure enough, if I look up
the detailed info for one of those songs, it shows that the server has
parsed the tag info such that the Title of the song is actually shown as
Artist - Title. The Artist info itself, and everything else, looks fine.
If I examine the files with a tag editor (Easytag), all looks well.

Is anyone else seeing this odd behavior?


Barry McLarnon VE3JF Ottawa, ON