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Vince LaMonica
2005-07-22, 16:31
Hi All,

I have an unusual question [perhaps]. I'm going to be purchasing a SB2 for
my folks [i am a long time SLiMP3 owner] soon, and they are getting an
iMac G5. I want to set them up similarly as I have myself setup -
slimserver running on the Mac, using iTunes as the SB2's music database.

However, there are a few 'net radio streams that are not able to be sucked
into iTunes. Notably they are RealPlayer or WMA streams. While for me, I
just send my Mac's output to my stero when I can't use my SLiMP3 for those
streams, I would like to keep my folks 100% inside iTunes so they can
manage their 'net radio stations, songs, playlists, etc.

I know that WMA is supported by the SB2 [though I don't think .rm files
are]. What I'm trying to figure out is how one would use iTunes so that
the WMA-only radio stations can be managed by iTunes. I know about
EasyWMA, which converts .wma files into mp3, but I don't believe it works
on streams.

If there is no way to put .rm and/or .wma into iTunes, is there a way to
easily add a music library of .wma/.rm streams to SlimServer so that it
automagically shows up on the SB2? I'm mainly interested in WMA for my
folks, since the local radio station here in Asheville, NC broadcasts on
the 'net using that format [and it comes in much clearer than any FM
signal does at my place and at my folks' place!]. The .rm file streaming
is mainly for me, since I like to listen to some ATC broadcasts which are
..rm/.ram, though apparently my Dad has some .rm/.ram streaming stations he
may want piped through the SB2.

Any tips/thoughts/suggestions?



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