View Full Version : Announce: SlimServer 6.1.1

2005-07-22, 09:24
Slim Devices is excited to announce the release of SlimServer 6.1.1.

SlimServer 6.1.1 can be downloaded now from

Highlights of the release include:

* Support for SqueezeNetwork, Slim Devices' always-on service.
* Improvements to Internet Radio, including a Web Interface for the
Shoutcast, radioio and Live365 radio directories.
* Many performance improvements to browsing, scanning and playing
your music library.
* Better support for Podcasts, includung quick links to your iTunes
Podcasts and a Podcast Plugin for browsing podcast directories on
the web.
* Many more improvements and bug fixes since the beta releases.

Detailed SlimServer 6.1.1 release notes are available at

Once you've installed SlimServer 6.1.1, you can connect to
SqueezeNetwork with your Squeezebox2:

* Connect your Squeezebox2 to SqueezeNetwork by choosing the
"SqueezeNetwork" item from the Squeeezebox Home menu or the
Squeezebox2 Setup menu.
* Visit http://www.squeezenetwork.com to create an account, add one
or more players to your account, control your players remotely,
and add Favorites & RSS Feeds
* Enjoy many of your favorite Squeezebox2 features - Internet Radio,
RSS News, Alarm Clock (including many fun new alarm sounds) -
without a computer, as well as new features such as Natural
Sounds and the Live Music Archive.

Thanks to our community for making this the best software release to date.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Post your comments to this
forum or on http://bugs.slimdevices.com.

The Slim Devices Team