View Full Version : SB1 & SB2 Synchronisation problems

2005-07-22, 02:17
Recently I have started ripping to FLAC rather than mp3 and have started to experience some synchronisation issues. I have a mixture of SB1 and SB2 around the house all running from my Win2K server (fully up to date) over a fully wired house. It happens on all recent versions of slimserver.

I have noticed that when SB2's or SB1's are synchornised together everything works well. However, when I synchronise between a SB1 and SB2 I find a noticable delay between the 2 devices when playing FLAC files.

Presumably (given my limited understanding of how the devices work) the delay is due to the additional processing the server has to do to convert the FLAC files to mp3 format (or is it wav format?) for the SB1.

Is there anything that can be done to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Hanson
2005-07-22, 02:38
I was under the impression it was due to the different buffering arrangements in the two player. I've also got a SB1 and 2. When I synchronize them, they seem together "most of the time", but can often become out of sync as much as a second or two.

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