View Full Version : installing linux RPM's "everything already installed"

Bruce Hartley
2005-07-21, 23:32
Just realised, the linux forum might be a better place for this.............................................. ......

Sorry to make myself look so stupid here.

I have a mandrake box that I use purely for slimserver.
When I tried to install the 6.1 release over whatever nightly I had installed, it says

"everything already installed"

I guess it is a problem with the version numbers? or the dates or something?

Please could someone put me out of misery and explain how I do an "install -force" type of thing.


2005-07-22, 12:23
You might try uninstalling the existing package (rpm -e slimserver) and then installing the new one.

2005-07-22, 12:45
On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 23:32 -0700, Bruce Hartley wrote:
> Just realised, the linux forum might be a better place for
> "everything already installed"

As before, with Mandrake, you are better off using urpmi rather
than rpm. and it is much, much easier to manage using MCC
since it is a nice GUI, has search, etc.

I'd recommend removing your old slimserver,
then using urpmi to install the new RPM