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2005-07-21, 21:36
This is probably a trivial thing for Linux gurus but has been driving me crazy. I have a box running Mandrake LE 2005 essentially just to run Slimserver to feed 3 SBs via a mix of wired and wireless links. My music files (all flac) are stored on an external Maxtor 300GB disc connected via firewire. My problem is managing to mount this drive such that I can both play music via the SBs and rip new CDs from the CDROM drive. I have been unable to arrive at a set up in /etc/fstab which A) assigns the same mount point name to the drive each time (essential for SS to find the files); B) allows me (as a user) to write to it; and C) allows SS (presumably as user "slimserver") to read from it to feed the SBs properly.

I'm pretty sure this is a permissions thing but have failed to figure out the appropriate approach.

Can somebody advise the correct entry to include in /etc/fstab and whether I should be manually mounting the drive at boot up or letting Mandrake do that?


2005-08-02, 13:10
I'm definitely not a Linux guru, but I have managed to get Slimserver up and running on Debian with an external USB 2.0 drive.

The first question is how did you format the external drive? - If you formatted it under Windows XP/2000 (i.e. using NTFS) you may well be in trouble as the standard Linux NTFS driver is read only. (A real Linux guru may want to correct me here, as I use Debian and so am out of date by definition ;-). I formatted my drive (250GB) under linux using FAT32 so I can read/write on Linux and Windows PCs.

Assuming all is OK with the file system, here is the line from my fstab ...

# <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
/dev/sda1 /media/usb0 auto rw,user,auto,umask=000 0 0

To try and answer your questions ...

Mount point: I only have one USB device plugged into my Slimserver PC, so it is always "/dev/sda1" and is mounted under "/media/usb0" (a directory created for this drive). I have a symbolic link from the /etc/slimserver/audio directory to the files on the USB drive (ln -s /media/usb0/MP3 /etc/slimserver/audio/MP3)

Permissions: The "umask=000" bit of the fstab line gives everyone access to do everything to the drive - probably naughty, but it works.

Mounting at boot time: The second "auto" in the fstab line was a pathetic attempt to do this, but it doesn't work (I think the USB drivers are loaded after the fstab file is processed). Instead I have inserted "mount /media/usb0" at the beginning of the "start" section of my /etc/init.d/slimserver file - the file that starts slimserver at boot time, may be different in Mandrake. Again, a nasty hack, but it works.

Hopefully some of this will help,