View Full Version : Softsqueeze acting as SB2 on laptop ?

Deaf Cat
2005-07-21, 14:31

Unfortunatly I am not very good with computers I am afraid, but I have been thinking, say I have a wireless SB2 in the lounge playing through the stereo - PC in spair room with slimserver running quite happy.

Am I able to install softsqueeze on the wireless laptop, sit in the garden and play music through softsqueeze?

Lookforward to hearing how I may do this if possible?

Cheers for any comments.

2005-07-21, 14:37

1) browse to your slimserver web page
2) click Softsqueeze link at bottom of page
3) installer will install/launch softsqueeze
4) create playlists
5) enjoy music on your laptop

Prerequisites on laptop: java 1.5 installed. javamp3 also for best playback.

Deaf Cat
2005-07-24, 07:57
Cheers for the reply.

Am I right in understanding that setting it up this way slimserver is running on the laptop, as well as softsqueeze? Slimserver on the laptop will read the music files from the PCserver.

So, once I have set up SB2 in the lounge, the PCserver will be running SlimServer and will also be reading files from the same place, as Slimserver on the laptop.

Will this cause problems if the same file is called for, and would it be possible for the lounge and say the laptop in the bedroom to be playing in sync.

Very much look forward to hearing more....

Cheers again

2005-07-24, 08:04
No - slimserver is only running where you installed it. Softsqueeze is running on the laptop and connects to your existing server. And yes, softsqueeze can sync with other (physical) players.

Deaf Cat
2005-07-24, 08:44
Thats cool, so it basically turns the laptop into a SB2, FAB.

Would much appreciate help as to how I get the PCserver running slimserver to talk to softsqueeze on the laptop.

The pc talks to the laptop and visa versa when sharing files/programs (wirelessly). But PC Slimserver just keeps saying can not find squeezebox, when I can see it on the laptops screen......

look forward to any comments

Thanks in advance

Deaf Cat
2005-07-24, 13:52
fiddled and fiddled and explored and fiddled and yeppeeee!! its working!!

Thanks very much for the pointers