View Full Version : redundant maxRate log entries

2005-07-21, 13:34

this is nitpicky, but I figured it was as good a time as any to ask about
something that has left me stumped.

Prefs.pm, line 629 as part of maxRate():

my @playergroup = ($client, Slim::Player::Sync::syncedWith($client));

Why include the $client again? Presumably we already have the rate for this,
and it seems to simply lead to a redundant call to maxRate(), and duped entries
in the logs:
my $otherRate = maxRate($everyclient, 1);

Also, line 1270 of Source.pm, in openSong() after parsing the command line info,
there is another seemingly redundant call to maxRate (producing the same
duplicates over again as above). The comments for this if..else loop are
exactly the same as the level above, so I'm not sure what this case is for.
Either way, I'm not sure why we need to call maxRate again, since it is known
in the above scope.

maxRate isn't a costly function, so not a huge deal. it just looks odd in the