View Full Version : Playlist problem

2005-07-20, 14:42
My library exclusively contains whole album flac files with embedded cuesheets. At some point of time (I am not sure when), the playlist functionality seems to be broken. When I now select Browse Playlists, I get a playlist entry for each track of each album in my library. In addition I get an entry for each directory and flac file in my Music Folder.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
Any ideas about what can be causing this?
What debug flag should I turn on in order to get more information about this problem?

I am now using svn version 3757. Slimserver runs on WinXP.


2005-07-20, 17:23
This was a problem with r3757 - a last minute change that needed a bit
more testing - fixed with 3759 and the soon-to-be posted 6.1.0.

2005-07-20, 18:09
My problem is a bit differnt. My old lists don't show up.(old is pre 7-17 upgrade) The only one that did is one I created after I upgraded to 7-17.
The strange thing is it only worked for a day or two.(auto rescan was turned on durring this time) The PL was still available to select from SB and WebUI but contained no songs.
It was also no longer in the PL directory. Guessing references in DB. Rescan and dropping DB has no effect as well as deleting cache dir. <- still can't see old lists but ghost PL is gone now. New PLs seem OK but need to wait til auto rescan to night and see if my alarm wakes me tomorrow.
Can someone call me at 6:15 to make sure I get up.