View Full Version : Squeezebox2 / SlimServer / LS1

2005-07-20, 09:12

Hope someone here can help, I only have 2 days to sort this problem out before I
lose the option of returning the Squeezebox.

I have a LS1 running PPC Openlink 0.51b, SlimServer 6.1b2 installed, a Belkin
Pre-N wireless AP and a Squeezebox2 running v14 of the firmware.

Now just to start I am not a Linux expert but I can find my way round an O/S.

For some reason the Squeezebox2 keeps losing contact with the SlimServer, the
audio stutters and the internet radio is intermittant, Now I don't know why this
is, I am sure it is not the wireless AP as I have a PC connected 2 floors down
that has no connection problems and the squeezebox is less that 3 meters away
from the AP.

I am wondering if there are any extra processes loaded with PPC Openlink 0.51b
that are not really needed for running the LS1 and the SlimServer install? Is
there anything running I can get rid of.

Or are there any aother issues / things I can do to solve this. Do I have a duff
Squeezebox2? Are there any SLimServer settings I should use? I really want this
to work but if it is not going to then I'm going to send it back

I'm going to post this on other forums as well so if you see it again apologies
but I am on a tight time scale.

Hope someone out there can help.