View Full Version : Simultaneous broadcast to multiple sb's?

2005-07-19, 15:04
I have all my music ripped to a mac mini/server setup, and will be hard-wiring via ethernet to several locations in my house, all to be equipped with sb2's. while i know that i can access from all sb's at once, can the access be simultaneous (i.e., so that, during a party, i can play the same music in all rooms)?

2005-07-19, 15:20
This should work fine. I've got two wired SB2s that are permanently synced and I've not known them to lose sync.

There are a couple of minor points to bear in mind:
1) If you turn on a player that is synced then there will be a glitch (they either restart the current track or move to the next one, I can't remember which at the moment).
2) If you are playing music where there are no gaps between the tracks (live albums / mix CDs) then I get a very small gap in playback as each track starts. This is because the SB2s resync at every track. This is not noticeable on tracks that have gaps between them.


2005-07-20, 09:01
thx, rick. sounds like it'll work fine.