View Full Version : SqueezeNetwork login problem...

2005-07-19, 09:21
Installed new beta last night and everytime I log in and out of SN, it updates the SB2 and re-starts...

Also, after logging in to SN, how do I get to the normal browse functions? Do I have to log out?

Sorry for the very new-user questions and thanks for any advice.

2005-07-19, 09:32
We rolled out a new firmware revision in the beta, but haven't yet with
the SN. That will change today - sorry for the delay. You won't
experience the firmware upgrade issue after the roll out later today.

By "normal browse functions" do you mean the ability to browse your own
music? If so, that's not yet available through the SqueezeNetwork. To
access your local music, you will have to sign off the SqueezeNetwork
and connect back to your local SlimServer.

But expect more and better online options on the SqueezeNetwork and
better integration with your local music as we continue to build and
improve the network.

2005-07-19, 10:19

I am really enjoying this product and its flexibility/options...

Dan Sully
2005-07-19, 10:39
* Regnad shaped the electrons to say...

>I am really enjoying this product and its flexibility/options...

FYI - I just rolled out a new SqueezeNetwork build, so the firmware versions should be in sync.

You know, for kids.