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2005-07-19, 07:05
Hi all,

Using the 7/18 6.1b2 nightly (Win XP), I am not getting the correct behaviour of multi-disc set labelling.

First, I added tags as appropriate to all multi-disc tracks (DISC, DISCC).
I then removed the part of the title that included the disc number, so that "album (disc 1)" went to "album".

Under Server Settings | Behaviour, I set "Group Discs" to "Treat multi-disc sets as multiple albums".

This initiates a wipe and scan (as far as I can tell), but I get all tracks for one two-disc album showing up together, sorted by track number, so two number 1's, two number 2's, etc.

I left the files in their original directories - does this matter? For example, I have a pair of directories, each with files:

D:\MP3\Bill Hicks\Egham\Disc 1\
This has a (correctly tagged) file, with the name:
Bill Hicks - Egham - 01 - Fascists 1 Humans Nothing.mp3
This has DISC=1, DISCC=2

D:\MP3\Bill Hicks\Egham\Disc 2
This has a (correctly tagged) file with the name:
Bill Hicks - Egham - 01 - We Lost A Moron.mp3
This has DISC=2, DISCC=2

When I browse to that album, I get:
1. Fascists 1 Humans Nothing by Bill Hicks from Egham
1. We Lost A Moron by Bill Hicks from Egham

Am I doing anything wrong? Should I log a bug for this?


2005-07-19, 08:41
I have no idea if this is a bug or not, but...

I've recently come up with a new strategy for my multi-disc sets and so far it's been working great.

NOTE: Your needs may vary and I realize this is just one method with some notable benefits in light of my circumstances.

Basically, in most cases I have no control over my file structure or filenames. Mch of my collection is comprised of live concerts and the checksums and bittorrent clients require a stable structure if you ever want to seed.

Because of this, I've mostly given up thinking about directory structure and found it's very liberating.

Also, I use Tag & Rename since it supports Flac and mp3, plus can grab tags and album art from Amazon.

Here's what I do...

+ I tag the tracks in ascending order WITHOUT restarting for each disc!

+ Next, I apply the disc / disc num tags for the disks.

+ Then, for ripped CDs only, I use the file renaming tool to rename the files "<%tracknum%> - <%songname%>.<%ext%>"

Now at this point, your files are tagged in such a way that good id3 browsing environment (like SS / SB) will let you use the collection as you like... listening to the enture "set" of discs, or listening to single discs, in correct track order.

Also, assuming you do the file renaming step above, you don't really need subdirectories -- sorting the folder by filename will leave the set in the correct order. Of course, if knowing what disc of a set something is when browsing the music folder is important to you, by all means keep the subdirectories.

Hope that makes sense and is somewhat helpful.


2005-07-20, 16:25
Unfortunately, I want to continue to see my albums by disc, so that rules out being able to 'throw it all together'.

I even tried moving all the files for an album into one directory:

The files I named as such:
artist - album (disc 1) - track - title.mp3

Finally, I did a wipe/rescan. Still the same problem. Should I log this as a bug?


Dan Sully
2005-07-20, 16:51
* geoffb shaped the electrons to say...

>The files I named as such:
>artist - album (disc 1) - track - title.mp3
>Finally, I did a wipe/rescan. Still the same problem. Should I log
>this as a bug?

Please. And attach some of the files in question.

This isn't going to make the 6.1 train, but we'll look at it shortly.

"You can usually recover from production flaws...but you can never recover from a bad design".