View Full Version : An alternative to SB's headphone output -- the PA2V2

2005-07-18, 10:39
In the following thread, I documented significant audible RF interference on SB's headphone output. Slim Devices checked and verified this problem.


I'm assuming this problem isn't going to be fixed anytime soon. [[[ UPDATE: I was wrong; Slim Devices is rolling out a fix! ]]] In the meantime, I'd like to find a way to use headphones with the SB. This is my second SB, and I plan to use it only for semi-portable headphone listening around the house. (My first SB is permanently connected to my home rig via its digital outs.) The only solution seems to be to use an external headphone amp fed by the SB's line outs. (Note to self: test the line outs to make sure they're clean.)

So over the weekend I did some research to find a headphone amp with the following qualities:

- small and light enough to velcro to the SB
- runs on batteries (don't want an extra power cord as I move the SB from room to room)
- has a built-in battery recharger
- runs for a long time on one charge
- cost isn't out of line with the cost of the SB itself

I could only find one device that satisfies all of these criteria. It's called the Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2, or PA2V2 for short. It's a tiny handmade headphone amp that is claimed to run for 100 hours on a single charge of 2 AA NiMH batteries. It's 2.6 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches, so it should fit nicely on the flat part of the SB. It also has good reviews from http://www.head-fi.org. It costs $60.

I'm ordering the PA2V2 today. When I receive it and try it out, I'll post again with the results. Hopefully, this will happen before my 30-day trial period expires.