View Full Version : Location in code to change transition behavior (crossfade, etc)

2005-07-16, 18:11
I've just finished modifying some source code to apply track or album gain through replaygain to the current track depending on the context of the playlist (if you're in the middle of playing an album use album gain, if not use track gain).

Anyway, I'm very happy with how it turned out and am excited to start on my next hack--doing the same sort of context checking and this time turning on the crossfade if an album is not being played. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to change the "TransitionType" (I've found that variable in several places--mostly Web/Setup.pm). Overall, I'm just pretty confused about how the code is organized. Is there any resource for that? My way of figuring out how to do things conists of way too much grepping for keywords. I'm a beginner with Perl but know enough basics to figure most things out. Can anyone quickly give me an idea of where to look for changing TransitionType?

I am also curious if many other people are interested in the behaviors I mentioned above. I posted a suggestion about the replaygain related one in Bug 1311. Unfortunately, I don't think I've gone about things the proper way at all in implementing these things as I've just inserted chunks of code inside other functions to make it work. A resource for code organization/flow would help a lot.