View Full Version : Random reboot problem -- solution?

2005-07-16, 15:12
I've not been looking too much lately to see if anyone ever found a
solution to the random reboot problem.

I have two Squeezeboxen and a Simp3 in my wireless network.

It seems that the Squeezeboxen randomly reboot fairly often, but the
Slimp3 seems fairly stable.

My network:

iMacG4 running OS X 10.3., Slimserver 5.4.0 and the firmware that goes
with it.

The network consists of the iMacG4, an Airport Express, 2 wireless
Squeezeboxen, and the Slimp3 (connected via a WET-11). Nothing else,
my other computers and my Internet connection are on a separate
wireless network. The signal strength on the Suqeezeboxen is always
between 70% - 85% when I check it at the Squeezebox and the iMac has 3
to 4 bars of signal strength.

The music network uses channel 1, and my network with the Internet
connection uses channel 7 and there are no other networks on competing
channels that I can see by using wireless network sniffers such ad
MacStumbler, iStumbler or IPNetmonitor, I've looked and keep a fairly
close watch over this. My cordless phones are 900 MHz and my microwave
oven if usually not running when I have problems (solved my microwave
problem by going to channel 1 on my music network).

What happens most often is that one of the Squeezeboxen will be just
happily playing along and suddenly the display will go dark, then it
will come back on, and go through the network reset procedure then
restart the song it was playing when it stopped, all the devices
(Slimp3 and Squeezebox will restart and remain in sync). Today I was
watching a Squeezebox and it restarted the same song 3 or 4 times
before going to the next song, then doing the same thing with that
song, the maybe playing several songs in a row without stopping.
Occasionally one (or both) of the Squeezeboxen will just stop in the
middle of a song and stop the whole network. To fix this I usually
just unplug and replug the power to the unit, and it will reboot and
the whole network will continue playing, occasionally I will have to
unplug and replug both Squeezeboxen to get the music to start again.
The Slimp3 and Wet-11 are further from the basestation then the
Squeezeboxen and it just keeps pluggiing along. It seems that the
problems are always fixed by doing something to a Squeezebox. Most
frequently I am just using my two Squeezeboxen as the Slimp3 is in an
area of the house where I don't play music as often.

Any clues?