View Full Version : Stuttering with SB2

2005-07-12, 18:34
The problem I'm having is that music starts to plays just fine on the SB2, but some number of minutes into a track -- 2, 3, 8, sometimes never -- it'll just stop playing and do this little stutter thing where I hear micro-bursts of sound. One time, it came back and resumed playing after a few minutes; normally, I have to turn off the SB2 and turn it back on to get it playing music again.

I'm surprised to see this happening, because when I had an SB1 in that same spot (with an 802.11g wireless bridge) streaming WAV, it'd cut out only very rarely, and would come back far more quickly; so streaming FLAC seems like it should totally obviate that sort of problem.

Any ideas? I'd changed the scrolling to be 0.05 scroll rate with 3 scroll pixels, which I'm going to change back now, but is it at all likely that this is really causing the problem? Is there a way I can tell whether this is a network issue or some problem on the server?

(Setup info: Latest release version of SlimServer on Windows XP streaming WMA Lossless as FLAC to an SB2 on an 802.11g network with WEP.)