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2005-07-10, 07:18

I recently decided to upgrade to the latets beta (6.1b1) and the new v14 firmware in order to try out the new SqueezeNetwork. Everything seemed fine untill a few moments ago.

I was playing an mp3, nothing special, when suddenly it stopped. It had done that before, I thought a network error, but when I got in range of the screen I saw that all pixels where on in various brightness shades, the entire screen was lit up like a christmas tree.

Since I thought this might be a server problem after a previously reported bug (no relation) I restarted the server. The squeezebox could not connect and when I checked what was wrong I noticed the MAC address had changed (after power disconnect)! And it had lost all wireless settings. I had to completely set up the Squeezebox again which is a pain in the * since my router only supports alphanumeric wep keys and the squeezebox only uses hex and does not exept new MAC addresses unless specifically told. It took me 15 minutes!

Since the MAC has changed so did all my settings. I'll need to redo everything.

Can anyone explain what happened? And is there a way to go back to the latest stable version including the v11 firmware?

Patrick Dixon
2005-07-10, 07:31
Sounds like you may have had some kind of power spike problem which has cleared the flash settings.

See this thread for similar, and how to re-instate the MAC address


I don't think it's anything to do with the 6.1b1 software or V14 firmware, but if you want to go back, the SB2 will prompt and then automatically download the previous firmware. BTW, as of a couple of days ago, the latest Slimserver software is now 6.1b2

2005-07-10, 07:45

I noticed the 6.1b2 just now. I'll think about it ;)

Everything seems fine now. And resetting the MAC prevented me from having to go through the player registration at SqueezeNetwork again.