View Full Version : iTunes - playlists only

2005-07-10, 04:23
I use iTunes to rip and manage my music - and I rip everything as both apple lossless and AAC. I keep the different files in different directories - and so I can point SlimServer just at the lossless files.

With a few smart playlists I can then use the AAC files on my iPod.

A combination of iTunesUpdate and a couple of scripts lets me keep the recently played info up to date across both files types in iTunes. Otherwise I turn off iTunes / Slimserver integration.

So all I'd now like to do is to use some smart playlists in Slimserver - but I don't want Slimserver to pick up all the AAC files.

Is there any way to set this up?

2005-07-11, 11:30
Uncheck all the AAC files in iTunes and set the "ignore unchecked songs in iTunes" in the server settings. This should do it. I did have some problems running 6.0.2, but with 6.1 it worked perfectly