View Full Version : Nonresponsive SB2

Todd Larason
2005-07-09, 21:12
I have a Squeezebox 2 wireless (pre-ordered, probably first production
batch). When I first got it and tried to set it up, it wasn't able to connect
to the wireless network: it could see the network and attempt, but it always
failed. My WAP was very old and other hardware has had problems with it, so I
suspect it wasn't actually within spec.

This weekend, I finally replaced that WAP with a brand new WRT54GS, and tried
setting up the SB2 again.

Now, it's not responding to the remote control at all. I've replaced the
batteries in the remote with no change. I'm not sure where to go from here; I
haven't thought of a way to figure out if it's the SB2 or the remote control.

Any ideas?
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