View Full Version : Re: Re: Announce: SlimServer 6.1b2 and SqueezeNetwork Beta

Allan Hise
2005-07-09, 14:49
On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Dan Sully wrote:

> So I'm assuming that the filenames themselves have high-bit characters
> in them?

Yes, they do. I am letting iTunes rename the files and directories
according to its own scheme, which includes the high-bit characters.

> I'm going to take a guess and say that your Linux files were ripped with a
> LC_CTYPE of iso-8859-1, and then transfered to the OSX system which stores
> filenames as UTF-8. But no actual conversion happened.
> Could you confirm this? What is your LC_CTYPE or LANG environment
> variable set to on your Linux box?

Unfortunately, that box is out of service now, so I can't tell you. Is
there some other way to check?

There is a "translate text characters" function in iTunes. Would that
help? The options are:
* ASCII to ISO Latin-1
* ISO Latin-1 to ASCII
* Reverse Unicode
Which would be the right direction for slimserver?