View Full Version : synchronizing two rooms and listening to non-internet radio

2005-07-09, 02:09

I would like to listen to music in my living room and in the kitchen/dining room. I am considering buying one squeezebox2 for each room. Since these rooms communicate, it is nice to have the same music in both places. I learned that I can change the mp3 song of the two boxes using the remote control of a single box. This is a great feature! Perhaps the best solution for me then is to have a single hi-fi system in the living room with loud speaker of this system in the kitchen as well. So I would use the squeezebox of the kitchen just to be able to switch the music playing on this hi-fi while sitting in the kitchen. This squeezebox wouldn't then be connected to any sound system... Is this a reasonable solution? Is there someone using it?

My second question is about listening to local (non-internet) radio. Most of the time I listen to local radio. Is there a way to use the squeezebox to listen to that? It is much better for me not to use internet connection to tune it (quality is better, no bandwidth is wasted). If I buy a fm tuner card for my pc, would I be able to listen to the tuned radios using the squeezebox? Otherwise I would need to change the hi-fi system from squeezebox to radio when I want to listen to local radio, but then I would be able to do this from my kitchen...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!