View Full Version : Synchronising SB1 & SB2

2005-07-07, 12:56
Whats the general view on how well SB1 & SB2 will synch with each other.
I'm planning to replace one SB1 (pension it off to bedroom duties) with an SB2 but it will spend a lot of time synched with another SB1. I see from an earlier thread that some people were having problems with this.
Both will be wired. Can anyone re-assure me it will be ok or am I better off deferring my purchase.


2005-07-07, 15:06
I have been using the synchronization feature for some time with a SB1 and SB2 and have found it relatively stable and fun to use. Most of the time (>90%) it works great. There are a few bugs that occur on occassion, but the Slim team has been very responsive to these and have worked hard to fix any existing issues and continually make it better.
BTW my setup is a dual 2.4GHz Xeon Intel server transcoding flac to 320kbps mp3 to wireless SB1 and SB2.