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2005-07-07, 06:01
PROBLEM RESOLVED: I needed to rescan the music library to see the newly created playlists.

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I just bought a SB2 and installed the July 6th evening build of 6.1b slimserver on a Windows XP SP2 machine. I also added AlienBBC 0.97 and MPlayer 1.0pre7. I am using the iTunes library as the source of music & playlists.

Almost everything is working great, I can play MP3s and AACs from the iTunes Library, I can see and use the iTunes playlists, I can play internet radio selected from the iTunes Radio stations, I can play internet streams of MP3, ASX and real audio.

I problem, I can not seem to add internet radios stations (other than those from iTunes) to a regular playlist with proper title. The only way I can get them to play is to enter then in Help:InternetRadio:TuneInNow. I have been able to then "Save a playlist" from the player once the stream is playing, but there are two problems with this:

(1) Every radio station ends up in its own playlist instead of being able to have several in a single "radio" playlist; and more importantly;

(2) The titles are the long ugly URL (i.e., http:\\streamserver.com\feed\stream\123423211.ram) instead of a friendly title like "minnesota public radio"

I have tried adding .m3u and .pls playlists I created in Notepad to the "C:\Program_Files\SlimServer\server\Playlists" folder but they do not seem to be recognized by slimserver.

I have tried "edit playlist" where it appears you could add a Title and a URL, but after adding it has places the URL in both fields again leaving me without a good "title".

What am I missing??? Help is greatly appreciated!!