View Full Version : Music Player Current Track and long titles

2005-07-05, 15:11
Using 6.1b1 nightly from 5th July (but I think was the same in at least one version before that, can't now remember!) ...

If the combined track title / album name / artist cover more than one line (which nearly all of mine do) then this is not properly displayed in the current track item near the top of the music player pane (right half of the UI).

Tried with both Firefox and IE.

Using "Default" skin I only get the first two lines.

Using "Default2" I get the first line ok, then the 2nd and 3rd lines underneath the "Current Playlist" label and controls.

"Exbrowse" didn't work at all - got a black screen

Sorry if this is an old one but couldn't find it here or in bugzilla.