View Full Version : Player and Server Formatting not sticking

2005-07-05, 07:58
Loaded the Beta SW on PC#1, and it was working fine all weekend. Loaded onto PC#2 (both running xp SP2) the display on the SB2 was just showing the track, like: "1." or "20." for example. So, I went to Player Settings, saw that TITLE (ARTIST) was selected, clicked change and the display looked right. But it did not stick. Shortly thereafter, it went to just showing the artist in parenthses, and that is not even a choice in the pulldowns.

The same thing was going on with the web display that you can get to from Server - Formatting. Whatever setting I selected, it keeps reverting to something else, and that something else is usually not even another selectable format.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I manually deleted the slimserver directory in program files each time. I also redownloaded the file from the website incase my exe got hosed.

Any thoughts.