View Full Version : Change in browse behavior in latest beta

2005-07-02, 16:41
I just downloaded the latest beta version of SlimServer to be able to use the new SqueezeNetwork capabilities and noticed that the behavior of the various "Browse..." menu items has changed.

When setting up a new SqueezeBox, I would normally remove all menu items except for "Browse Playlists" and "Internet Radio". The "Browse Playlists" menu would allow me to access all folders and any music tracks and/or playlists within them. This has changed such that only playlists are now listed, and without any directory structure whatsoever. This is fine if you just want a global listing of all playlists, but it's useless if you've structured/sorted the playlists according to listener, type, etc.

The "Browse Music Folder" menu item would seem to offer what I want, except that it does not allow one to view or access the individual entries in a playlist. All you can do is view the name of a playlist and then play it in it's entirety (either in order or shuffled). In my case I have separate playlists for radio stations by type (e.g. Talk/News, Music, International, Police Calls, etc.) and need to be able to select an individual radio station within the playlist. As mentioned, I used to be able to do exactly what I want using "Browse Playlists" but this no longer works since directory structure is ignored and I have far too many playlists for a "global playlists" feature to be of any use.

I understand changing "Browse Playlists" to provide a global listing of playlist files, but I do not understand not being able to select individual playlist entries using "Browse Music Folder". Is this a bug or by design?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.