View Full Version : Squeezenetwork.com website problems

2005-07-02, 14:58
I've started playing around with the Squeezenetwork.com website, and I've noticed a few problems. I am enumerating them here, although I must confess that I have not searched to see if these bugs have already been noted.

(1) Squeezenetwork's (at least under Firefox) front page displays strangely. The "My Favorites" on the lower right has room for eight stations. I have 30 defined. This causes the list to overflow in an ugly way.

(2) Users can't change the spelling on some stations. I want to make KCRW's news broadcast (at http://www.kcrw.org/pls/kcrwworldnews.pls) appear as "KCRW news"; but instead, no matter what I do, it appears as "News & Talk: KCRW Worldnews". Similarly, I want Resonance FM (at http://www.resonancefm.com/resonancefm128k.m3u) to appear as "Resonance FM", but no matter what I do, it appears as "REsonance FM 128" (with a capital E). This is frustrating.

(3) The web page promises "Tip: you can play your favorites using the remote, too. Just press and hold the number button for any of your top ten favorites." This is a cruel hoax. After pushing the up and down buttons several hundred times to organize my 30 radio stations so my 10 favorites appeared in logical order, I discovered that pressing 1 on the remote gives me station #1, pressing 2 gives me station #4, pressing 3 gives me station #7, etc. Now this has a certain logic to it, but I wish the comment on the web page was accurate (I would have saved some 15 minutes in my life that way). My preference, by the way, would be for the buttons on the remote to work as promised.

(4) For those of us who have multiple stations in their favorites list (I have 30) it would be nice to be able to sort it on the web page more conveniently -- pressing the little up and down arrows is just too slow with 30 favorites.