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Philip Meyer
2005-07-02, 13:25
I zapped a track that I was playing last week. I just tried to browse the zapped playlist via SlimServer Version: 6.1b1 - trunk - Windows XP - EN - cp1252.

The track I zapped was listed twice (maybe I somehow zapped it twice?).

When I click "Edit Playlist", I can see the title and URL fields (title is blank, but I guess that's because Zapped Songs is special), and then below that, there are two rows of up-arrow, down-arrow and remove from playlist icons, but no text - just the icons.

I guess something is wrong here, but I've hardly ever used edit playlist before, and can't remember what it used to be like.


Philip Meyer
2005-07-02, 13:31
Also, when I'm on the "Edit Playlist" page for the "zapped songs" playlist, the browse path line only contains "Edit Playlist /". If I click Edit Playlist link from here, the server crashes with the following in the event log:

Slim::DataStores::DBI::Track->retrieve() parameters don't include defined values for all primary key columns (id) at /PerlApp/Slim/DataStores/DBI/DBIStore.pm line 167

I guess this is related to the zapped songs playlist not having a title?


Patrick Dixon
2005-07-03, 01:18
Sounds like it might be related to this:


Philip Meyer
2005-07-03, 02:52
>Sounds like it might be related to this:

I don't think that's the same problem. I've now raised bug 1744.


Patrick Dixon
2005-07-03, 03:19
The second part of it (crashing the server when editing the playlist) looks very similar and produces the same error message.

No doubt Dan will get to the bottom of it when he gets a chance.