View Full Version : Suggestion to help "spread the SB2 gospel"

2005-06-30, 16:01
Seems that many online forums use vBulletin software (as does this one). If you are a Squeezebox2 fan, and want to help "spread the gospel" to other audio related forums that you visit, why not create a signature (like I did) that includes mention of the SB2. It's easy to create a signature (see Quick Links), and you can just copy it and use it for any other online forums running off vBulletin.

2005-06-30, 22:21
Links help too. :)

2005-07-01, 04:33
Sometimes, subtle is better <g>. Most audio sites would probably not appreciate repetitive posting of a commercial link (unless they're getting paid for it <g>). Besides, a simple Google search for Squeezebox2 will get them here.