View Full Version : New Price for SB1 refurbished

2005-06-30, 15:41

Today, we lowered the price on refurbished SB1 from $229 to $179.
Refurbished players carry a one year limited warranty and benefit from the
30 money-back guarantee. Units are fully tested and assembled in new cases
prior to leaving our state of art factory.

You can order a refurbished unit at:
* https://secure.slimdevices.com/order/upgrades.cgi

Happy 4th of July,


Patrick Cosson
V-P, Sales & Marketing
Slim Devices, Inc.
415-359-7407 cell
413-638-5248 efax

"I'm thoroughly impressed with the SqueezeBox2‹packing this number of
features into a high-quality product in this price range, and making it
absolutely user-friendly even for non-techies, is a feat that deserves a
standing ovation."

Ian Johnson | Globe & Mail | June 14, 2005