View Full Version : Streaming from PC Soundcard to SB2

2005-06-30, 14:49
Given that Slim Devices haven't solved some of the key little "niggles" I have, I wanted to get a SB1 and a SB2 to play whatever is coming out of Media Centre on my server. I have been able to stream from Slim Server to Winamp. Question is, can I do this sort of in reverse. Can I real time sample in non-compressed wav and transmit to a SB2 ? I know I could do it by setting up a shoutcast server, but its a lot of hastle, and limited to 320kbps

Thoughts ? Thanks !

2005-07-01, 03:27
I want to stream music from my PC's soundcard to my Squeezebox too. I was about to go and buy a wireless link from my USB port to my hi-fi, but can't see why I can't do this using my SB.
If anyone can help it would save me money.
Sheridan Williams

2005-07-01, 06:23
I've done it in the past by downloading and installing a shoutcast server plugin for winamp. Works well, but obviously won't handle FLAC etc.