View Full Version : Problem with radio streaming in 6.1b1

2005-06-29, 13:12
Not seen this happen before so I think it is something odd with 6.1 beta 1 (upgraded from previous 6.0 release).

I have .pls files in my playlist folder which are straight downloads from Streamcast. So I can browse playlists and click one of the radio stations I have.

Some have multiple (eg 4) alternate entries - different URL's. When I click one for the first time in 6.1b1 it seems to try all of them then gives up (can't connect message flashing up on SLIMP3).

Immediately after the failure clicking any of the four entries works fine, immediately. All four connect and work.

Going back to one I have got working previously it works first time. So it seems to be the first time I clicked on it after the upgrade it is broken, then fine after that.

Hope that makes sense - hard to describe!

2005-07-01, 07:59

I see similar behaviour when selecting a ShoutCast radio station - first attempt fails, further attempts work fine.

I think we had this problem before. If I recall correctly the problem was the detection of the format of a stream. Connecting the first time failed to determind the correct stream format resulting in a failure to connect, but still stored the format so further attempts were successful.


2005-07-10, 12:05
I have the same problem with ShoutCast radio stations with SlimServer 6.1b2. Only the second press on PLAY starts playing.


2005-07-11, 16:16
I too have this problem in 6.1b1 on Squeezebox 2. Second time is a charm. i'll try 6.1b2 now and see if it helps.