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Anthony V. Hester
2005-06-28, 17:34
How do I stream audio from www.wezv.com which has an audio feed listed in .asp format. The feed link is www.warpradio.com/player/stream.asp?id=3487

Does this feed link have to be on .pls or .m3u format? If so, how can I convert the file?

Please Help>>>>>>
Tony Hester
Bladenboro, NC

2005-06-28, 22:53
> www.warpradio.com/player/stream.asp?id=3487

This is not the actual stream, but will return a playlist. If you open it
in a text editor you'll find (amongst others) the following lines:

<ref href = "mms://archives.warpradio.com/gatewayads/bumper/standby.mp3"/>

<ref href = "mms://"/>
<ref href = ""/>

On of these urls is the stream. Give them a try.



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