View Full Version : Sync Problems with 6.1 and SliMP3s

2005-06-27, 12:39
I have to be honest and say that I haven't tried to use the Sync function for quite a while, so I am not sure how long this problem might have been around.

This weekend I had a small party and decided that it would be nice to sync the players in my house for whole house music, I also hooked up a belkin FM transmitter to the SliMP3 in my bedroom so a radio out in the back yard could pick it up. The only problem was that the Sync kept drifting out of sync. THe playlist would start synced, the transition from song 1 to 2 seemded synced, but the shift from song 2 to 3 always introduced a noticible lag of about one second.

What I ended up doing for the party was just turning off two of the units, leaving just the one in the kitchen on and the one broadcasting to the radio in the back yard. With having the windows and doors shut with the A/C on, guest would never been in a position to hear the lag.

Back to the point. I was using the nightly from 6/13, I upgraded to the 6/26 nightly rpm yesterday and have been playing with it this afternoon. I am still noticing the same problem. I have noticed the drift wether I am playin mp3's, or m4a's converted to mp3's on the fly. The transition from Song 1 to 2 is smooth, 2 to 3 has a noticible lag, the lag between units grows with each song transition. The more units attached to the synced group, the larger the lags seem to get, but just 2 units synced is enough to cause the problem.

System details:

Slimserver 6.1 (6/26/05 Nightly)
Fedora Core 3 P4 box with 512MB ram
6 SliMP3s with 2.3 Firmware all wired (No WiFi)

I can fill out a bug report if this is a new problem, just let me know what debuging info would be the most useful to supply along with the bug report.

Thomas Malsbury