View Full Version : SB2 DAC quality

2005-06-26, 11:38
I will probably be ordering a SB2 soon and will either eBay my SB1 or (more likely) relegate it to duty elsewhere in the house. I'm curious to know what to expect of the upgraded DAC in the new version though. I'm using an M-Audio SuperDAC 2496 which I found to provide a significant sound improvement over the SB1's internal DAC and I'm curious to know if the DAC in the SB2 will surpass the performance of the M-Audio. Of course I'll listen to both and make up my own mind, but does anyone have any experience, opinion or forecast to share in advance? A one box solution will be neater and if the SB2 DAC is better, I can continue to use the M-Audio with the SB1.

Mike Hanson
2005-06-27, 08:00
I was actually quite surprised by the quality of the built-in DAC. I still ended up using a Benchmark DAC1, but only because it was significantly better (and cost 4-times as much as the SB2). As to whether the M-Audio DAC sounds better, it's hard to say. I've not heard that unit myself, but I do have both the Audiophile 2496 and Delta 410 from M-Audio, and I would say the DAC in the SB2 is just as good as the DACs in those.

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